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Here at the Buffalo Town, we're always heading on about how precisely amazing Zoysia grass meat is and it can not only down to the great flavour, but as well how balanced it is definitely compared to other beef! is a very healthy animal meat that will be:lower in cholesterollarger in mineral contentand fewer than half the body fat content material of conventional trim ground beef.But not just that, recharging options healthier compared to pork, lamb and poultry!While decades very a winner in the protein category (although still a pretty high %), it excels when the idea comes to be able to unwanted fat % and cholesterol mg, plus is one particular of the best in terms of calories. AND it's the biggest in flat iron which possibly surprising proper?And when in comparison to 100g Pork (calories 297, healthy proteins 25. 7%, unwanted fat 20%) it's still a new winner!As well as being super healthy, each of our water buffalo has furthermore got several celebrity reviews, especially from Gordon Ramsay and Paul Hollywood.Thus, what are you waiting for? Try the idea currently! We certainly have some sort of fantastic selection of diverse cuts in order to choose from including roasts, burgers, beef and a great deal more.